Missed the 1 year mark! Oh well, life happens...

Since my last update at the end of October, we’ve accomplished quite a bit.  I get frustrated with our self-imposed deadlines but then I often forget about how much has to be accomplished before we can do something.  For example, our one goal this past Thanksgiving weekend when we had 4 days off was to get the sheetrock in my daughter’s bathroom done.  This is the last room in the basement to be done and when it is completed we can call for the mud/tapers.  Well, not exactly, we still have 2 small pieces of sheetrock to do in the upstairs bathroom and also the inside wall of the upstairs coat closet in the foyer and then we can call for mud/tapers.

But to get the sheetrock done in the bathroom meant:

1)       Build the soffit around all of the exposed drain pipe in the ceiling area above where the vanity will go. 

2)      Wire in for lighting above the vanity, and the wall outlets in the bathroom and the light above the shower. 

3)      Chip away the concrete where the old drain was for the old shower that was demolished and make sure we have enough room for the new shower drain and the run the vent pipe. 

4)      Pour concrete to cover the chipped out area we just did.

5)      Install shower base with mortar to seal it to the floor.

6)      Install shower drain.

7)      Run plumbing for the shower which ties into the plumbing for the humidifier that hooks onto the furnace/air conditioner unit (which lives right next door to the shower)

8)      Install exhaust fan in bathroom and run the duct work to outside of house.

Needless to say, we didn’t get done.  Last night we just got the plumbing ran for the shower and so now we are ready to install the shower walls.  Then we will sheetrock the ceiling and the walls.  Will we get done this week?  Will we be ready for mud/tapers next week?  Probably not.  Now we are dealing with colds/eye infections/dr. appointments/winter weather forecast including ice, etc., etc.  As we all know, life happens.

But this past month showed a lot of progress including getting the entire basement framed and sheet rocked (living area/bedroom, closet, equipment closet.  This also meant building soffit around all the duct work.  We had to move the condensate line for the furnace/air conditioner because it was in the way of the new shower walls.  We got electrical wiring done in the basement including running phone/cable lines. 

On the outside, we winterized all the poultry with electrical water heaters, heat lamps, etc.  We got the fall orchard installment (2 pears/2 peaches/2 nectarines/1 replacement cherry, and 1 fig planted as well We’ve burned lots of brush piles and moved leaves and made sure chickens got moved to new pasture areas and the turkeys get moved as well.  We’re getting eggs in quantity now – 14 one day, normal is 9 to 11 per day.  We enjoyed Thanksgiving with a Cracker Barrel dinner to go and a homemade pumpkin pie.  We saw the 1 year deadline come and go and wonder if end of year is feasible.  But we are thankful.  Thankful for jobs, for our family, for our health, and for this farm.  We will get there.  Might be this year or next year, but we will get there.  I hope all of you are making progress on your dreams as well!

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Comment by Karen Paro on December 4, 2013 at 2:03pm

Glad to hear you are finally getting close to mudding & taping when hubby & I built this place almost 20 years ago I didn't think we were ever going to finish enough to move in but we did and it's still a work in progress, right now the only room in this house that is completely finished (minus the molding and mopboards) is the livingroom the rest of the rooms still don't have all the window & door trim on the bathroom has a closet that has a curtain for a door, and there is a lower wall in the bedroom that still needs one more 5 foot board on the top to finish closing that in (our outer walls have a 3 foot cement block lower half that is thicker than the top half). So you do what you can, make it livable and if you have to, move in and keep it a work in progress.

Comment by Oak Grove Valley Farm on December 4, 2013 at 3:49pm

Karen, such wise advice - our farm will be a work in progress for sure.  Even when we move in there are things we won't have done or started.  I guess the "wish list" will always be there.  They are predicting our first brush with ice/snow for tomorrow - from the looks of the weather map - most of the country stands to get some.  Hope your Thanksgiving was great!

Comment by Karen Paro on December 4, 2013 at 8:33pm

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful, had dinner next door with my mom, sister & brother-in-law, nephew & his girl and their 10 month old (he loves his Auntie to pieces and I get to have an Auntie day once a week).

If it helps make you feel any better about the slow going Mom's house is older than I am (I'm 56) and is still a work in progress but she and Sis don't care we do what we can with 2 days a week during the winter months, so we've finished their dining room complete with a new light fixture, ceiling fan and propane fireplace look heater, Mom's sitting room, a craft room upstairs for Sis, and 3/4 of the kitchen over the past 3 years. The only room left that really needs any work is Sis & Brother-in-law's livingroom.

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