I'm always on the look out for a good deal and so far over the years I've scored a number of them for things we need/want but can't afford new. Most but not all have been free and a lot of those were side of the road finds.

Some of the things I've found on the side of the road free have been a 60's era Hamilton Beach electric meat grinder that works fantastic, 3 fans for times like this when it's hot but not hot enough for A/C, trash bags full of enough like new & new bedding for all 4 beds, the camper, and spares for emergencys (these put out by an auction house that only sells antiques), mini blinds to do 9 of 10 windows in the house and replace a bunch of damaged ones in the camper, misc. camping gear, a rechargable flashlight that needed a new battery ($10 from Interstate), a Cuisinart blender with a food chopper, a Popel counter top rotisserie, 3 very nice upholstered office chairs (we use them for livingroom chairs they are so nice looking), numerous small animal cages & crates that we use as brooder pens & for transporting birds, a stainless steel grill that just needed an ignitor & a good cleaning, a cooler on legs w/wheels, and a pool pump for the garden pond at my sister's so the waterfall worked at it's best.

We have a reuse room at our local transfer station where people can drop off good unwanted items for others to get more use out of and from there I've gotten a Kitchenaid mixer the guy said it was an anniversary gift and only got used once (it looked it still looked as good as the day it was bought - it's an older model but runs like a charm), an exhaust fan for my greenhouse when we get that built, a Bunn 3 burner commercial coffee maker (when we camp and have family get togethers we drink a lot of coffee), a nonworking wine cooler that I use to store my seeds that aren't in canning jars so the mice & chipmunks can't get to them, assorted canning & jelly jars, a photo printer (needed ink), a paper shreader,  a Sony digital camera with rechargable batteries, 2 battery chargers, 2 memory sticks, and a memory stick reader, various gardening tools, and just this past weekend a 1500 psi electric pressure washer - the guy said it needs a new wand (but they can be ordered from Husky for $30).

I also check Craigslist free section frequently and have gotten a fronttine rototiller, 4 of the 5 sliding patio door panels I need for the main wall of my greenhouse, a pile of lumber to frame it out, a queen/twin bunk bed for the boys, various canning supplies, and a small dorm fridge for keeping beverages cold during the summer so they don't use up space in the main fridge.

I check other sections of Craigslist and the local thrift/secondhand stores for things too.

Some things I've gotten cheap include: a dorm fridge for my daughter $25 the guy bought it new used it 2 weeks and didn't need it any longer (he's a pharmisuitical rep and needed it to store some meds), a reartine tiller $150, 2 $170 small animal cages with legs on wheels for larger outside brooder cages $40 for the pair, a second freezer $50, 2 large heavy duty shelving units for in the garage to store my canning & hatching supplies when not in use $10 for the pair (these sell for $50 each at Home Depot), a set of 6 wooden kitchen chairs for mom $5 each (these came from a restaurant so are more heavy duty than most kitchen chairs you can buy), a pair of bean pots $5, and a weedwacker $20 new out of the box the guy couldn't get it to run - the sparkplug was broken.

I think at this point there are only a few things that I have boughten new and paid full price for, my vaccum sealer and a rototiller attachment for the weedwacker being 2 that come to mind.

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Comment by Tina on May 26, 2012 at 9:06am

I have just learned that I need to be more observant and have had confirmed that one man's trash, is another's man's treasure! Especially garden tools and the like. Great incentive to be more inventive!

Comment by Karen Paro on May 27, 2012 at 6:19pm

One of my scores this weekend was a small bag of Yukon Gold seed potatoes free on the side of the road!! I already have 19 planted and 18 or 20 more will be going in shortly. My other freebie was a brand new upright vaccum the woman bought it used it once and it was too heavy for her to get upstairs so she bought a new one and was dropping this one off at the reuse room while I was there.

Comment by Karen Paro on July 15, 2012 at 10:22pm

Some of my latest finds were 2 Levelor window blinds (one for the bathroom the other for our bedroom) 2 patio furniture foot stools to go with a couple of chairs that I picked up a few weeks ago, a sports team sized thermal water jug for hubby & son to use on an up coming camping trip, 2 folding camping chairs for same camping trip, 3 or 4 dozen canning jars, and a bunch of nice assorted clay & ceramic plant pots for my son to get his herbs planted in.  

Comment by Karen Paro on July 28, 2012 at 9:43pm

My son is learning his lessons well! Today he picked up a glass top square coffee table, a birdfeeder that the top & feeder ports have a pewter look finish to them, a galvinized watering can for his herbs, and a couple misc. little things all free Last week he picked up a wooden top folding table free. This past week I picked up 3 more folding camp chairs that are just like new, 3 hanging planter brackets, a couple cook pots for the camping gear, a quilt and 2 almost new sets of sheets, and a shopping bag full of almost new tops for my daughter and my son's girl all free. And for $40 I got my sister a $550 mixer.

My big splurge for the week was $65 for a vintage copper & wood blueberry rake that has already been put to use raking a canning kettle full of blueberries. I feel $65 for vintage copper was a bargain when you consider a new one made of welded sheet metal is $60 and my copper one is a little bigger than the sheet metal one.

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