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Spring Ahead! Babies, Chicks, Kids, and Puppies! (the cutest post ever)

Snow Mt Its been a long and cold winter.

For some reason, those always seem to lead to a spring filled with babies!

First our farm family has grown, in December, our 3rd child, a beautiful baby girl arrived. We will be placing her on dairy duty, as she seems to be a very proficient milker. (Little breastfeeding joke for ya…)…


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Update on Oak Grove Valley Farm

Last update on our progress at Oak Grove Valley Farm was December 30th.  A lot has happened (mainly winter!) since that date and we are getting closer.  We have declared 3/31 is the date to be finished.  My husband said use that date so that on April 1 when we don’t make it, we can say April Fools!  Seriously though, we think we can.

Here is a summary of our lows:

Cost of propane – only been able to buy 250 gallons at a time due to how expensive it has…


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Green Thumb: Creating Your Gardener's Dream Shed

With spring on the way and visions of lilacs and daffodils littering your dreams, there is no better time than now to begin getting ready for gardening season. And, like avid gardeners everywhere, you probably have a fantasy of just what your gardening shed, the base of your gardening operations, should be.…


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Saying goodbye to Jenny

At only 6 months old, I wouldn't have thought that Jenny (my Narragansett turkey hen) was nearing the end of her life.  However, this week she developed a cough.  I wasn't sure what to do.  I called a vet that said he made house calls in his ad.  He never called me back.  Friday I noticed she couldn't breathe without keeping her mouth open.  By then it was too late.  She collapsed Friday night. 

I was at the farm by myself.  My husband had an eye appointment.  I was trying to get her…


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Out with the old, in with the new!

2014 will be the year we move to the farm – that is a declaration!  We are so close and to think of all that we were able to accomplish is really quite humbling when we look back.  Almost 14 months later and we’re still working hard to get to the farm.

This last month brought some high moments for us and some low.

My father passed away at the age of 91 on December 5.  I had so wanted him to see the farm and even though I wrote him each week and sent him weekly pictures of the…


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New Year

Never heard anything about our stolen Does. Very sad. We have accepted the fact we will not see them again. Fortunately we have many, many beautiful and goats still on our farm. We are looking forward to Adie kidding at the end of January and Mavis and Broomy kidding in March. HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all and looking forward to the NEW YEAR and more adventures and stories from ACRE AND A HALF.

The Oldenburg's

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Missed the 1 year mark! Oh well, life happens...

Since my last update at the end of October, we’ve accomplished quite a bit.  I get frustrated with our self-imposed deadlines but then I often forget about how much has to be accomplished before we can do something.  For example, our one goal this past Thanksgiving weekend when we had 4 days off was to get the sheetrock in my daughter’s bathroom done.  This is the last room in the basement to be done and when it is completed we can call for the mud/tapers.  Well, not exactly, we still have 2…


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Lost 2 chickens.....

We lost a Buff Orpington hen to prolapsed uterus problems.  We tried to doctor her a couple of times, but it kept prolapsing and it was not good.  We put her out of her misery.  In all our years with chickens this was a first prolapsed uterus case.

Yesterday we lost our 2nd hen - a Barred Rock.  We are not sure what was wrong with her.  Last weekend we thought it was a condition the internet called "egg bound" - she was acting lathargic and almost broody except not laying on eggs.  We…


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update for Oak Grove Valley Farm

Well another month has passed and even though we are one month closer in terms of our progress made on a move-in date, we’re still not ready and at this point wonder if the one year anniversary of 11/16/13 will be a feasible target for us to be ready.  Perhaps the end of the year is more manageable.

We did accomplish quite a lot when you consider all the dynamics of maintaining two homes and working full-time.  Add to that a 45 minute commute to the farm each evening and weekend and…


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The guineas have left the building!

We never thought we would see this day - when the guineas would go out the door on their own, go down the ramp and go into their electric fenced yard all by themselves (without us chasing them out of the house) and then go back in at night (and several times in the day) before the door automatically shuts. 

They are the most skittish birds I've ever seen.  So far, they have flown out of the electric fenced yard only once and that was the first day.  One flew over, the other 7 called…


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Update for July/August/September

Wow, I'm behind but we've been busy!   We finished the chicken coop (painting and cute decor applied).  26 chickens live happily there!  We built the guinea house.  Only 8 of our 16 guineas survived into adulthood.  We constructed the turkey tractor.  I just finished painting it yesterday.  Only 2 of our 4 turkeys survived and we're pretty sure we have a tom/hen so we plan to use them as breeding stock. 

We disposed of another 20 yard dumpster (our 2nd) of construction trash and farm…


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Stolen Goats

We are heart broken...4 of our beautiful Nubian does were stolen from our farm today. In the middle of the day someone backed a truck up and took Beatrice, Lu Lu, Zu Zu and our beloved Odie. I am sooo disappointed in people.

Stealing is wrong, but stealing someone's animal is just despicable. Were were just 2 short weeks away from breeding all these great girls. It is a shame to even think someone is going to (or already has) butchered these beauties for meat.

I am VERY angry…


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I'm finally a farmer!

It's the end of August, and another summer not living on a farm is almost gone. In April we "moved to town," and I tried to figure out how that could be a step in the right direction. Although our chickens are living on someone else's farm and my neighbors are less than 100 feet away all around us, I do feel closer to realizing my farm dream. Since March I have been working for Barefoot Gardens, a small market garden within the borough limits of Doylestown, PA. Eric and Linda grow…


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Our Chicken Setup

We have had chickens for a little over a year now, so I thought it would be a good time to share our setup - how and why we do our chickens the way we do. I didn't want to get too far into the details before we were happy with everything, and for our current situation, we seem to have found a great setup.

Our Chickens



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Registered Herd

We have a registered herd now! Just drew blood on 12 of our goats fr CAE and CL testing!! For our first time it went well...12 for 12 sticks and no issues. Hope everyone comes back clean.

We will be ready to start our first kidding season in October!!

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Ladies Homestead Gathering Update

I have been leading the Doylestown, PA chapter of the National Ladies Homestead Gathering for a year and we have outgrown my house! A few weeks ago we did a canning demonstration at the Doylestown Farmer's Market which was a great success. We used an induction burner to…


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What's in Season in July? Zucchini!

Someone I know said “We’re not even growing any zucchini in our garden this year!” because it is so very prolific and some members of her family aren’t big fans. Zucchini definitely grows well, but it is also incredibly versatile in the kitchen, playing the lead role in savory dishes as well as sweet ones. It can be cut and roasted or sautéed, baked…


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Oak Grove Valley Farm Update for June

Hello all you wonderful farmers!  The growing season is fast upon us and it is hard keeping up with the demands of the outside while trying to make progress on the inside, but in all this, we love it!  I truly believe farmers are the hardest working people!!!

On the inside, we accomplished alot with getting trimwork and painting completed.  We got the upstairs bathtub drain tied into the plumbing in the basement.  We are working on the kitchen pantry now and the island.  Still lots to…


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Finally starting to get some decient weather

First it rained for so many days that I couldn't get my veggie seedlings in then when the rains finally stopped and I started getting things in the ground the oppressive heat & humidity started and I just DON'T tolerate the heat very well so that put a halt to finishing getting the seedlings in. The heat and humidity have finally broken so I'm hoping to be able to finish tomorrow getting the last few things in the ground. Then it's on to deciding where the best location for my son's herb…


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June Garden



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