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 Dusty Bottoms Blog  (whenever the hens lay an egg)

With each passing day, I find myself going further back in time.  Looking for that simpler life, a simpler time.  A time when men made things...when women knew how to knit and keep the family together and children chose to live close to their parents when they were grown. A time when you could trade your neighbor a pail of raw milk for some cured ham and not worry about how many laws were broken in the exchange.

I watch disillusioned as Monsanto distributes genetically modified seeds faster than the Federal Reserve can flood the world with worthless fiat currency, and I worry.  Government, bankers and corporations grow ever larger, ever more invasive and more threatening, and yet I watch as most everyone stays unsuspectingly on the merry-go-round.  Well, I've jumped off. No one would ever accuse me of being a liberal democrat. Nor can I be called a conservative republican.  I am a red, white and blue constitution-loving American.

My name is Dusty Bottoms and I'm the orchestrator of  My mission is to take it all back. Our freedom, our skills and heritage, our civil rights, our land and water free of chemicals, our financial and personal security. And I need your help to do it. Please join me.

The Aspiring Farmer Blog  (Mondays at noon)

Farming?  Eyes wide open, a somewhat curious, always perplexed look of amusement on friend's and family's faces. Those of them who know us well aren't too surprised, but who'd have thought we'd ACTUALLY have the nerve?

I'm Scrapple and my partner is Sweetbreads.  We're in the midst of nurturing and growing our farm dream. The dream is filled with thoughts of happy and healthy animals, tasty food, exuberant customers and just the right amount of sun and rain. The reality is bound to be much different.

I am The Aspiring Farmer, let's turn this dream into reality.

The Happy Homesteader Blog  (Tuesdays at noon)

“Honey, I’ve got to run to the grocery store after work to get something for dinner.” That used to be me. Now you can find me slopping the hogs, knees covered in dirt from weeding in the garden all day, or as my husband would say, cackling over a cauldron as I mix some home grown herbal medicine. The grocery store is a thing of the past for me and I find myself evolved into an independent homesteader who can rely on myself, my family, and my land for everything I need to live happily in the country.

It wasn’t always like this. I wasn’t raised on a farm. I came from a family where my mother barely had time to toss something on the table for dinner after a long day of work outside the home, but I always felt a need to be independent and wanted to be connected to nature. So I set out to learn how to grow my own food, make my own soap, and butcher my own animals. I’ve already learned so many skills that I’m finding have just about been lost, but I keep digging for the wisdom of the past to show me how to run a complete homestead. If I can do it so can you.

I’m Daisy, The Happy Homesteader. There are many more lost arts to tackle, so come along and learn them with me.

The Practical Prepper Blog  (Wednesdays at noon)

I was raised in a small Michigan town by parents who taught me self-sufficiency. However, it wasn't until September 11, 2011 that I really gave much thought to disaster preparedness.  A few years later, Hurricane Ike knocked out my family's power for days, even though we are hundreds of miles inland.  Definitely an eye-opening experience for me!

I've come to realize that we live in an unpredictable world, which seems more and more perilous at every turn. The year 2010 set a record for declared disasters in the USA, and 2011 has beaten that record. On top of that, we're living in one of the most challenging economic periods in history, to say nothing of the increasing threat of global terrorism.  Scary stuff, but that's not my intent. Rather, I want to help you find peace of mind in spite of these concerns.

I believe the best way for us to find true peace and freedom is for each of us to take responsibility for our lives, becoming as self-reliant as we can and working toward being prepared for catastrophe.  However, "no man is an island," so some of our preparations must involve building community too.  My name is Atticus Freeman, and I am the Practical Prepper. Welcome to my world!  Please, pull up a chair...


Wild Wanderings Blog  (Thursdays at noon)

I grew up in the shadow of Chicago. The Western suburbs, still had much wild space to explore. I was drawn, like a magnet, to the Natural world at a very young age. I played sports like all the boys in my neighborhood, but also spent quite a bit of time (entire days in fact) exploring the wild fields and creeks throughout the area. I caught butterflies, dragonflies and just about everything else that moved actually…I was fascinated by them. I’d read for hours about insects and animals, hoping someday to unravel the mysteries that revolved around their lives. I was never bored.

Over the years, I watched as countless fertile cornfields were plowed under to make way for Urban sprawl. Cookie cutter sub-divisions popped up everywhere. Huge shopping malls and office buildings appeared almost weekly. I asked myself…”Why would they build mega malls in the middle of nowhere?” “Who would drive that far just to shop?” Little did I realize, that this was just the beginning…uncontrolled growth was upon us.

Even at a young age I realized that this expansion couldn’t last forever. My friends thought I was crazy for feeling this way. Instinctively, I knew I was right. Someday our disconnection with Nature would catch up to us. I believe that time has arrived. Teaching people about the Natural World is my life and passion. My goal is to help people reconnect to the wisdom of our Ancestors, to help rebuild and foster that forgotten relationship. 

I am Richard Cleveland and I believe it’s time for a Homecoming. Join me on this adventure as we discover our true relationship with Nature, the Earth and who we really are…


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