The Many Different Types of Psychic Readings

tarot deckWhether you believe in its practice or not, the history of psychic reading is long and full of twists. Some claim success, some claim fraudulence, and some just aren’t sure. But one thing that’s for sure is the many different sects and types of psychic reading that have grown and developed throughout the years through their practice. Some of the most common types of psychic reading include astrological readings, aura readings, distant readings, palm readings, and more. None of these types involve the use of any tools, but a certain psychic may have expertise in more than one area.

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Astrological Readings

The practice of astrological psychic readings involves discerning how distant objects in the cosmos, such as stars, planets, nebulas, and galaxies, affect our lives. How such stars, planets, the sun, and moons are positioned are said to have an effect on our characters, our personalities, our lifestyles, and our relationships. They’re even said to be able to predict future successes. This practice does not require heightened perceptive abilities.

Aura Readings

An aura is a field of subtle and low-key radiation that supposedly surrounds someone. It’s the luminous and lively atmosphere we are all said to give-off.  Aura readings itself is one of the oldest and most common types of psychic reading. Psychics have offered the practice of aura reading to people for many, many years. Psychics that offer this practice claim to be able to see and/or sense the auras of different people, but no evidence has ever been presented that has been able to prove these claims. The only credibility customers of aura readings have is the claims the psychic makes that he or she is a part of the small group of people that are able to see auras. Aura reading is one of the most publicly debunked forms of psychic reading and, because of this, many new variables and factors have been introduced to warrant successful aura reading.

Distant Readings

Distant readings are defined as the conduction of psychic readings without the psychic ever having to physically meet the client. This is done through mediums such as email, telephone, text messaging, and webcams. Correspondence reading also falls under this category, meaning psychic readings done via letters and having the client fill-out special forms on the psychic’s website.

For instance, readings done over the telephone involve both the psychic and the client speaking with each other over a Premium Rate telephone line. However, within the last few years, some restrictions have been placed on premium rate numbers. Because of this, a more common method is pre-paid callbacks, in which the client will leave his or her payment details, such as credit card information, to an operator over the phone. After this is done, the client gets a call back with his or her psychic reading.

Text message reading involves the client and psychic simply exchanging information over text messaging without any physical contact. The client provides payment info while the psychic produces the results.

Palm Reading

One of the most popular methods of psychic reading to date, palm reading involves the foretelling of the future off of one’s shapes, lines, and other formations on the palm. It doesn’t require heightened ability.

Main Causes of Stress and Ways to Overcome Them


Stress is something we need to deal with everyday. We all have some degree of stress in our live. Sometimes stress becomes unmanageable leading to physical and mental illness.

Both Internal stressors and external stressors cause stress. We don’t have any control over the external stressors. Physical stressors like noisy environment, hot weather, etc. are external stressors. Major events of our lives like birth of a child, losing job, death of a family member, etc. are also external stressors.

People’s rudeness, commuting problems and meeting deadlines can also give us stress. Internal stressors include setting unrealistic expectations, negative attitude, self criticism, etc.

Signs like suffering from headache, fatigue, nausea, depression, frustration, short temper, etc. tell us that we are in stress. You need to make some changes in your life in order to manage your stress. Here are some of the ways:

  1. Reduce caffeine from your diet
  2. Do regular exercise and have a balanced diet
  3. Get proper sleep; it is important to give our body the time to rejuvenate
  4. Allow some time for yourself to enjoy your hobbies such as music, watching movie, reading, etc.
  5. Try meditation or deep breathing exercises
  6. Have some leisure time by removing yourself from your environment


You might have to change some major aspects of your life also. For example, if it’s your job that is causing the stress then you should think of switching your job.

Once you identify what is causing your stress you can take measures to control it. Controlling stress is important to maintain a happy and healthy life.

90 Second Meditation Routine That Will Change Your Life


Meditation is very helpful to keep ourselves calm even in the toughest possible time. Meditation helps you to concentrate. You can improve your own vibration and energy through a 90 seconds meditation practice every morning.

Importance of Meditation

Anybody can meditate only if you want to. You need to have the desire of doing it just like any other practice. Meditation can give you positive results. At first, it may seem hard; but slowly you will get used to it. You need to have the intention to start meditation.

You can tell yourself loud, “I want to do meditation”. Saying your intention aloud will give you the energy and enthusiasm to begin your meditation practice. You should know that anyone can meditate only if they want to. This is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s take on meditation:

Spending 90 seconds of your morning everyday can change your life. You the following practice to make your mind quiet and calm your energy. There are two breathing exercises:

Exercise 1

Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds and then relax for 4 seconds. Practice this breath pattern five times every morning.

Exercise 2

Take three short breaths to the count of three and then exhale. While taking the first short breath, stretch your hands in front at the level just above your chest; on your second short breath spread out your hands and on the third one raise your hands up above your head. When you exhale, bring your hands down to your original position. Try this exercise five times.

That’s it! This is your 90 minutes morning meditation exercise that will prepare yourself to face the world for the rest of the day.

10 Steps to Reconnect With Your Spiritual Self


Your spiritual self is that part of you which makes a connection with the spiritual realms. Our spiritual self is beyond understanding of our conscious minds. It is the place of miracle and magic in our lives. The following factors can help you connect to it:

Step 1 – Belief and expectation

You must first believe that you have a spiritual self with which you can connect. You also have to expect that this communication will get better each day. These qualities are essential for inner growth.

Step 2 – Learn about the spiritual realm

You must reach out for teachers in this field to learn about the spiritual world. You can read books also to expand your knowledge.

Step 3 – Solitude

Try to find time for yourself alone. Sit quietly for a while and do nothing. You need to give space and time for your inner voice so that it can be heard.

Step 4 – Meditation

Meditation allows you to discipline your mind. You can try concentrating on a candle flame or focus on your breath. There are many techniques you can follow.

Step 5 – Journal

You should record your emotions, dreams and feelings in a journal regularly. This will let you come into to close contact with your inner self.

Step 6 – Inner Dialogue

Conduct an inner dialogue with your spiritual self on a regular basis. Say things like, “ I know you are there; I want to connect to you.”

Step 7 – Take lessons from life

Whenever an incident happens in your life, try to take a lesson from it. Ask yourself, ‘Why it happened?”

Step 8 – Dreams

Your spiritual self will try to speak to you in your dreams. So, before going to bed relax your body by doing some bending and stretching.

Step 9 – Mindfulness

Be aware of whatever you are doing. Be focused on your present situation, not on your past or your future. Clear your mental clutter.

Step 10 – Have patience

Connecting with your spiritual self requires a lot of patience. It takes time to learn and create a contact. You must not easily give up.

Simply follow these simple steps and you will soon be able to connect to your spiritual self.